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Battery Replacement near Boardman, OH


Keep Your Car Running Smoothly!

If you’re looking for reliable service and long-lasting performance under the hood, come to Sweeney Service for a battery replacement near Boardman, OH. Your battery is a critical part to making every drive smooth and problem-free, so don’t take your car anywhere else! When it’s time to replace your battery, visit us today!

So how can you tell if your battery is in need of a change? One of the telltale signs is a sluggish ignition. Whether you have a turn-key ignition or a push-button start, if your engine is slow in turning over and takes longer than normal to start, it could be time for a new battery. Even worse, if your vehicle won’t start at all, it is more than likely that your battery is completely dead and you are in need of a replacement. A more serious problem could be if your battery is sticky, or smells like rotten eggs or sulfur. These symptoms could indicate that your battery is leaking and it is in dire need of a change. A general recommendation is to make a change every three to five years, however, if you notice any of the problems outlined above, you could be in need of a replacement even sooner.

No matter what kind of vehicle you’re riding in, we can handle your battery replacement near Boardman, OH. Our expert mechanics will have the precise recommendation that matches your vehicle with the perfect power source for your ride. Whether it’s a varying amount of power, size, reserve capacity, or other variables, we’ll be sure to get the best for you and your car. The winter can get pretty chilly in Eastern Ohio, so you might want to take a look at a battery’s cold cranking amps. When the temperatures drop, you’ll want more CCA levels to ensure that your car starts in the winter. If you have any questions, feel free to ask one of our mechanics!



Finding a great deal at Sweeney Service is easy. We have service specials on our website that give you discounts on our already-low prices! If you’re in the need for parts or accessories as well, Sweeney Service still has you covered. No matter if you’re driving in a Buick, Chevy, or GMC vehicle, our GM accessories will allow you to personalize your vehicle to your exact specifications.

For a reliable battery replacement near Boardman, OH, stop into Sweeney Service today! We are open six days per week, so finding a time to come in is hassle-free!