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Battery Replacement near Salem, OH


We'll Make Sure Your Car is Prepared for Anything When You Bring it in for a Battery Replacement

In order for your car to give you a dependable drive, it must be equipped with a strong battery that is able to power your vehicle. Every time you start the engine, your battery is responsible for providing you access to a number of features. To make sure your car is performing at its peak, stop by Sweeney Service for a battery replacement near Salem, OH. You can count on our certified technicians to ensure that your car is running safely, so stop in today!

Living in the Midwest means that you deal with inclement weather all year round. From rain, to scorching heat, to snow, all of these harsh weather conditions wear on your battery. Because your car has to deal with such extreme changes in the weather, your battery will start to deplete at a faster rate than it would if you drove in an area with more steady conditions. And, depending on how much you’re on the road and your driving habits, these factors can also determine how quickly your car’s battery loses its juice.

If you want to check to see if your car needs a battery replacement near Salem, OH, before bringing it in to our Service Department, there are a number of signs to look for underneath the hood that indicate you need to address your car’s power source immediately. Your battery has clear blocks, which contain chemical fluids, and if the levels are low, this means your battery needs to be replaced. Older batteries also tend to swell when they have reached their limit. These signs are easy for you to spot before taking your car into our Service Department, and once you bring your vehicle in, our certified technicians will get to work straight away, so you can get back on the road in no time.


We offer competitive prices on our parts and are always updating our service specials on our site here at Sweeney. Our number one priority is to take care of your car with the utmost quality and to make sure you get a budget-friendly rate on the service we provide you with. Our technicians have the proper training and experience, so you can expect to get top-of-the-line service once you bring your car in. Using our Ask a Tech form online, our technicians’ vast knowledge is right at your disposal 24/7.

Here at Sweeney Service, we are have weekend and evening hours, so you don’t have to rearrange your already busy schedule. Come see us today to get a battery replacement near Salem, OH, and your car will be able to run strongly for the years to come! Call us at 330-485-0066 to schedule your appointment.