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Battery Replacement near Warren, OH

Battery Replacement near Warren, OH

Is your car battery becoming old or leaking? These are just some of the many reasons you should obtain a battery replacement at Sweeney Service. You can trust in our certified technicians to charge or change your battery in a timely manner!

The most crucial function of a battery is to start your vehicle. If the battery is low on charge, our mechanics can test your battery with our handy battery tester and power it right up for you if it is low. If you left a light on or a charger plugged in on accident, no worries! We’ll power up your battery in no time! Another reason to come in is if you notice that the engine is having a slow engine crank, this could mean the charge is decreasing, so come in so we can fill it for you! Moreover, if an engine light is on, this may signal that you have a problem with the battery. If the dash is flickering or dimming when you start the car or if you have little battery fluid, let our auto experts power your battery up and top off your fluid. If there is a sulfur-like smell coming from the engine, that can indicate there is a battery fluid leak, and you should bring in your car to us right away. A swelling, leaking, or bloating battery case also indicates a bad battery, so come into one of our Sweeney dealerships, and we’ll take a full inspection. Swelling or bloating is usually caused by excessive heat, which in turn decreases battery life, so don’t wait to come in!

A battery lasts about 3-7 years if the vehicle is driven daily and the battery is charged often. Having shorter trips and leaving the vehicle parked for prolonged periods of time makes the battery deteriorate faster. Extreme weather can also affect the battery, so if you think it’s getting weak, let our expert mechanics replace it so you won’t be stranded on the road.

At any of our Sweeney Service departments, you’ll find knowledgeable specialists trained to take care of your battery needs. Even if your battery is not replaced, we can still examine it to make sure it functions at optimum level. They will also clean off any debris or corrosion that can lead to worse damage in the future. Their fast service will have you ready to hit I-680 in no time! Make sure to check out our current service specials, too!

Reserving an appointment is simple with our online Schedule a Service tool! You can also speak with one of our friendly staff members by giving us a call, or drive right in to one of our service centers. You can sit and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in our waiting room until your service is finished. Your car will get a wash, too, so it leaves here glistening!

Come to one of our Sweeney dealers for your battery replacement near Warren, OH. You can trust in our expert service that we’ve been providing for almost 100 years! We’re open six days a week, so feel free to stop in during our business hours. 


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Great Service, Even After!

B. Schobel
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

I purchased a Buick Enclave from nick over a month ago. Not only was he knowledgeable and fair during the sale but the follow up after has even been better. I can stop in the dealership whenever I need with questions and he’s there to help me out. There’s just so much to know about this new car!

What a great lady

Mike W
Youngstown OH
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

The other day I sent a note indicating our experience with ordering and picking up our new Acadia and the people who made that experience a really great one. However, I left out one very important individual who was of great help in helping us set up "On Star" getting my wife's phone synced. We have just become "smart phone" people and are just learning. That person was Amanda DeCesare. What a great lady. Her help was immeasurable to us. Again, thanks to all who made our experience at Sweeney's a truly great one. Mike Wilkinson

I love this dealership

Vivian M.
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

I love this dealership. Service oriented. I bought my car here. They service what they sell. The staff work hard to please and I am happy!

Great Service

Dr. Bob Hoover
Boardman OH
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC has been servicing my GM vehicles on a regular basis starting in the calendar year 1990. Since 1970 I have purchased 22 GM vehicles for my self, my wife, my son and daughter. Dr. Bob Hoover

Thank you Bob Nagel!

Suzanne Boris
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

I was smelling gas fumes and Bob Nagel took care of me very quickly. The problem was diagnosed, I received a phone call of the problem in about an hour and I had my 2005 GMC Yukon back on the very same day. Thank You Bob Nagel

I have always felt confident bringing my Pontiac to Sweeney!

David Anderson
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

I have always felt confident bringing my Pontiac to Sweeney for the best service! I shopped around for a good deal on four new tires and Chris gave me the best deal! He and his guys have always been great to me--very professional!

Great Job Tony V.

Anthony Case
Austintown, Ohio
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Great dealership. Loved the waiting area with the flatscreen TV's, free Wifi and free coffee with snacks. Staff members were very friendly, and my service was done in about 20 mins. I would highly recommend this dealer to everyone. Free car wash as well. Great job Tony V.

"This is the best dealership and repair place around!"

Jim Okane
Poland, OH
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

This is the best dealership and repair place around!

"Car was repaired quickly and courteously..."

Jeanne Sandin
Youngstown, Ohio
Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

The car was repaired quickly and courteously and they even found out that work was covered by my extended warranty. Very happy!

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