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Recall Service

Buick Recall Service near Cleveland, OH

Sometimes, manufacturers have to send out recall notifications for pieces that might not be in the best interest for you and your vehicle. If you have recently received one of these alerts, simply stop by Sweeney Service for your...Read More

Cadillac Recall Service near Salem, OH

It’s important that you take recall notifications seriously, so if you’ve recently received one, stop by Sweeney Service as soon as today. Our technicians will perform an efficient...Read More

Chevy Recall Service in Youngtown, OH

If you recently received information regarding a manufacturer issue with your car or truck, head on over to Sweeney Service and get it resolved with ease. We offer a trustworthy...Read More

GMC Recall Service near Youngstown, OH

With our GMC recall service near Youngstown, OH, you’ll be back on the road with confidence and peace of mind. Allow our trained technicians to give your car the care and attention it needs...Read More